We are the solution for economic and community development in Greater Minnesota

What We Do

The Minnesota Initiative Foundations are nationally recognized as unique resources to the people, businesses and communities of rural Minnesota.

$382.6 M

Grants empowering our communities

$327.9 M

Local business investments

$770.3 M

Leveraged for Greater Minnesota

Serving Greater Minnesota

We are six regional foundations working to strengthen the communities and economies of Greater Minnesota. Established by the McKnight Foundation in 1986, each foundation is independent and serves its geographic region by delivering grants, business financing, regional programs, belonging work and donor services. The foundations also are regular collaborators on statewide initiatives. 

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Southwest Initiative Foundation Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation West Central Initiative Northwest Minnesota Foundation Northland Foundation Initiative Foundation

Southwest Initiative Foundation

Serving 18 counties and 2 Native nations in southwest Minnesota.
Total population served: 279,912


Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation

Serving 20 counties and 1 Native nation in south central and southeastern Minnesota.
Total population served: 755,007


West Central Initiative

Serving 9 counties and 1 Native nation in west central Minnesota.
Total population served: 236,507


Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Serving 12 counties and 2 Native nations in northwest Minnesota.
Total population: 169,408


Northland Foundation

Serving the shared geography of 7 northeast Minnesota counties and all or parts of 5 Native nations.
Total population: 325,716


Initiative Foundation

Serving 14 counties and 2 Native nations in Central Minnesota.
Total population: 776,840